I am amazed at this game! This is the first thing I have found to entertain my 15 year old son that wasn’t on a screen!

Tzippy K.

HI! We just completed the escape room. Thanks so much for putting this together, we were 8 adults and we all had a great time working on it.

Esther V.

This game was extremely clever and well done. My kids really enjoyed!!

Reeva G.

The VIRTUAL Game - How it works:

We've taken our popular Escape Your Own Room game & converted it to virtual; enabling anyone, anywhere to experience the thrill & excitement from the comfort of their own home.

The games were designed to replicate as much as possible the feel of an actual Escape Room. There are files to print and display, as well as some to hide around the room. Instead of locked boxes, there are locked PDF files, which will only open when the correct password is entered. Hints and answers are available every step of the way, if they are needed.

FUN FOR EVERYONE: Actual gameplay is geared mainly towards teens & adults, though younger children (roughly from age 9) will still marvel at the solutions, when explained to them. Many clues are provided to be hidden around the room, as everyone loves the thrill of searching for clues.

TEAMWORK: To solve the puzzles, often "out-of-the-box" thinking is required. Everyone has a chance to shine, as what is obvious to one is often missed by others; pay attention to the way others are thinking & add your own input.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Games are designed to take around an hour. Printing & hiding files is highly recommended to create the proper feel of the game. (Printing may be done in black & white.) Internet & access to Google Drive are required. A link to the game will be provided after checkout; the game can be played anytime later. 


We bring the "Escape Room" excitement to you! The game includes many posters, props, lockboxes & clues to hide around the room. Players must work together to discover clues & hidden combinations, promoting creative thinking, teamwork & communication skills! Please contact us for pricing.